Making a Right Choice

Progress never stands still and wallpaper production technology has drastically changed over the last years. But still the most essential features to determine quality are properties of raw materials used for production.

The main criteria to determine wallpaper quality and price are the following:

-         Paper grade; composition, thickness and density of the paper;

-         Composition and properties of the raw materials used to manufacture the base web;

-         Quality of the colorants used (wear resistance, resistance to ultraviolet exposure, washability and scrubbability etc.)

-         Number of designs and coloristics, textures;

-         Resistance to lamination and quality of adhesives (for wallpaper consisting of a few layers);

-         Resistance to mechanical stresses;

-         Environmental properties.

You should also pay attention to the quality of inks and printing.

Rotogravure printed wallpapers are of higher quality than flexographic printed ones, you can notice it with the naked eye.

Inks used by Slavyanski Wallpaper for rotogravure printing have intensive colours, good colour fastness to light and high abrasion resistance.

Washable wallpapers are coated with a high quality water resistant coating; unlike similar products of any other manufacturer they endure up to 40 abrasions.

Duplex wallpapers of Slavyanski wallpaper have fascinating designs and are of superior quality. The main benefit is that the textured structure doesnt change after wallpapering.

Acrylic paste holds excellently on the wallpaper surface during the entire lifetime. It wont fall off while wallpapering as it may happen to wallcoverings of other manufacturers.

Our vinyl wallcoverings are up there with similar import wallcoverings and have an undeniable advantage they are much cheaper.

Check that all the rollers are duly packed into film.

If you use these criteria when choosing wallpapers you are sure to be delighted with the final result.