The selection of the wall-papers
If you come to a DYI shop or to the market to buy wallpaper you will be astonished by the enormous selection of products. As each seller praises his goods, you may be easily overwhelmed by the variety of choices and it may seem very difficult to choose the most suitable option.

There are a plenty of properties and characteristic features by which wallcoverings may be classified, for example base material, printing technique, pattern, number of layers, application, washability etc.

The manufacturer is the one who can give you the most complete and exact answers to your questions. We would like to give you a few useful hints which will help you find the product you need. 


All wallcoverings produced under the trade mark Slavyanski Wallpaper are manufactured on a high quality paper base. This material has many important advantages and is especially appreciated for being environmentally friendly and breathable. Apart from that paper-based wallcoverings are very popular because of their relatively low price and excellent quality.

Base web for wallcoverings may be produced from paper of different density ranging from 80 to 130 g/m2 that means, material selection depends on the wallpaper type to be manufactured.


All materials applied to the base web are classified as coating. Our wallcoverings are produced using rotogravure printing technology which is considered to ensure the best product quality. We use only safe high quality raw materials for wallpaper coatings water based inks, non-toxic latex and plastisoles from the best European manufacturers. Superior quality of these coatings provides our wallcoverings with a lot of advantages such as good colour fastness to light, high wear resistance, washablility and many others. Colour is guaranteed stay bright for at least five years.

When selecting vinyl wallcoverings you should keep in mind that thickness of vinyl coating is the main criterion to assess product quality: the thicker the vinyl layer is the more durable is the surface. Heavy-duty wallcoverings may be washed with a soft brush and alcohol- or alkaline-based detergents. It is worth noticing that vinyl doesnt get yellow with time and is more ultraviolet resistant thereby wallcoverings wont fade and will look fresh during their entire lifetime.     

What makes vinyl wallcoverings of Slavyanski Wallpaper so special are micropores in the vinyl coating which let the walls breathe and facilitate moisture exchange.


We ensure stable high quality of our products, which is proven by numerous awards at different exhibitions and confirmed by peoples choices. 

Customer Opinions

We are very pleased to note that wallcoverings of Slavyanski Wallpaper are a really wonderful solution environmentally friendly and of high quality, and what is also important, you can get them at a reasonable price.